Tween Session-Why Have One?

What exactly is a "Tween" Session? Why should I have one done for my tween?

I know what it was like to be in that awkward stage between childhood and those teenage years. Wanting to be older, but still learning the ropes of how life works. I remember things like spending my summers playing in the backyard ever so carefree, and then I remember how school could be a very confusing and frustrating place. You see, I had epilepsy for a long time (I had my last seizure my junior year) and well, kids can be...wrongly educated on how things work. So I, as well as most adults, can understand how difficult these years of change can be. This is why I intend to bring a new realm to these children of the tween years. One where they can feel like they are beautiful (or handsome, boys) with the gifts they have been given.

This tween session that you are considering for your child is an experience to remember for them, something that will help them feel worth. They will have their very own session that is custom designed to include their favorite hobbies, activities and show their bright personalities. To let them have their spot light moment and allow you to collect memories from this precious time in their life.

Prior to the pre-consult, we will send you two questionnaires. One is for you and your child to answer together. The second one is for the parent(s) to each fill out about their child. We want to hear what you have to say about your child and what makes him/her so amazing.

In the custom designing of the session, we will discuss locations, clothing, colors, hobbies, talents, favorite things and more. Your child plays basketball? Cool, bring the uniform and a basketball, we'll capture the magic. Your daughter plays a clarinet? Great, we'll make sure she never forgets that she was incredible at it.

Then, the session happens. You get to watch as your child gets spoiled and has the spotlight for the afternoon. We capture the special moments and qualities that makes your son/daughter the best in your eyes.

Finally, we put together your child's very own slideshow and have everyone in to see the portraits that capture everything that makes them, well, them. From that laugh that you can't imagine not hearing again, to showing off how talented they are at playing their instrument, every quirk is preserved for you. All you have to do is choose.

If this sounds like an opportunity you wouldn't want your child to miss, give us a call at the studio to set up your child's very own custom session.

Lindsay Helberg Photography


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