2019 LHP Street Team!

This year is flying by! Spring is almost here and I CANNOT wait for some warmer weather and longer days. Along with the longer days come the sessions I think I love the most (well, besides cake smash sessions cause who doesn't love cake?). Senior sessions! I always have a great time meeting and learning more about my seniors from what drives them to the awesome things they accomplish in their senior year. This is why I have chosen to improve my senior model program this year and give a new crew something incredible to participate in. The LHP Street Team of 2019.

Last year I truly had a great time with my seniors, but I felt this year that I needed to give my street team more. So we added all sorts of great things to the mix! Check out this list!

1. A stunning senior session! We plan a custom session for you, from location to clothes, hair and makeup to poses and props. If you have a family property you (or mom) just HAVE to include in your session, we will make it happen. You play basketball? Great, we will go to the court and include that in your session too.

2. A custom phone app with all your beautiful portraits so you can show all your friends just how awesome your session was. Feel like a celebrity yet?

3. Top level members get hair and makeup included (YES! INCLUDED!) for your senior session. No need to worry about what you look like at your session, my people will make you look incredible.

4. A one-of-a-kind LHP Street Team shirt and branded coffee mug. Flaunt them proudly!

5. Monthly activities through the end of your senior year. This could be ice cream, a pizza party, group portrait themed sessions, fashion shoots, game nights...the list could go on forever! We just get together and have fun!

6. Another top level benefit, a FULL FAMILY SESSION. For those moms that want a family portrait before her senior goes to college or move away, this session is for you. Get those precious images now, before time gets away from you.

7. CASH REFERRALS!!!! You will get a set of referral cards, and for every senior you recruit that brings me your card, you get $20 cash. It's that simple.

8. A featured blog post all about you and your session!

9. Oh! And all the social media sized images  from your session and the team sessions!

Now I bet you have a ton of questions, and that is normal. We have meeting slots available for you to come in, meet us, get your questions answered and sign up. So call us today, 701-712-7373, and set up what is sure to be one of the best parts of your senior year.