Lewis and Clark State Park - Epping, ND

Lewis and Clark State Park. Probably one of my most favorite places to do a photo session. It's just beautiful out there. There's plenty of options for "backdrops" with the beaches on the lake, the trees everywhere, the lake itself, the bridges, the benches....oh I could go on forever. I honestly think if I could, I would take every last senior of mine out there. It's located a mere 20 minutes from Williston, but it's super official address puts it in Epping, ND. So let's highlight some of the gorgeous portraits I have done out there....

Oh that lake. The beaches at the park are lined with driftwood and trees that make perfect additions to any image, and then I get girls that are game for going in the lake. Like Reannan here.

The bridges are fun too! I love bridges because they allow a natural posture in a senior who might be a little nervous about the images looking incredible.

Even fields at this place...it's almost an all in one location for the best portraits.

So if you happen to see me get a big smile on my face when you want to include it in your senior session, now you know why. If you want these beautiful locations included in your senior session, book your LHP Experience today!